Simple is Doable™

At Practical Fitness, you only need to see us once or twice a week and follow our nutrition recommendations to achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy. 


  • 100% Private - By Appointment Only

  • Instructors with college degrees in exercise and fitness fields.

  • Exclusive Science-Based technique for safe, fast results. 

  • Accountability - We help you stay consistent with your appointments

  • Regular comprehensive reviews for on-going goals/workout adjustments


You can execute your steadypace® sessions

at the studio or at-home through live video. 

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100% PRIVATE • only you and your instructor

in the studio or live-at-home


SAFE slow-motion, low-impact 

Personalized to your fitness level, abilities, and goals



Once or twice a week for 30 minutes 


EFFECTIVE we guarantee you'll see

results in 4 weeks or your money back


Why Practical Fitness and our Steady-Pace® Exercise Sessions?

Since 2009, we help you achieve your fitness and health goals with our 100% private sessions. And we now added the following enhanced safety protocols in the studios:

• Overnight UV Ozone Light Sterilization

• HEPA Medical Grade + UV-C Light Air Purifiers

• Equipment Sanitized Between Each Session

• Instructors Keeping Social Distance During Your Session

• Instructors Wearing Masks During Your Session

What Our Clients Are Saying 

Seeing is Believing!

"When I started going to PracFit, I didn't tell my husband. I wanted to find out how long it would take him to see a difference in my body.


After only 2 WEEKS (4 sessions) he asked me what I was doing! He saw muscle definition in my arms, legs and I had lost a few pounds. I was sold! THEN on a family beach vacation, my 3 sons were blown away at how good I looked in my swimsuit.


I've been going for 2 1/2 years; my husband for 2 years. We're both in our 50s and are strong, healthy and fit."

- Janeen D.

Irresistably Effective!

"I lift weights, heavy weights and lots of them. Tightening, toning, and cutting fat were goals of mine so I knew I had to give Practical Fitness a go. I trained with Heather who weighed me & measured my BF before we started. The workout was intense, calculated, motivational, and effective! Heather was right by my side guiding me all the way, correcting my form when I slacked. They provide a changing room, music preference, and fans to cool you down. Metabolic training is the real deal!

- Joe C.

The Best!


"I began working out with PracFit three years ago, and love everything about it. Two sessions a week, no sweat (I go with makeup and hair ready for work and just change clothes). They pay careful attention to every exercise, adjusting weight and reps as needed for continuous improvement. These are educated, accomplished fitness and nutrition experts who can change your body and your life!

- Laurie Roberts

Our Steady-Pace® Exercise Sessions are based on slow movement and eccentric training as featured in...

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Lakeway: 1700 North Ranch Road 620, Suite 105A

Chapel Creek, Frisco: 8501 Wade Blvd. - Suite 1340

Plano: 5512 West Plano Parkway - Suite 200

Monday to Friday: 6:30am to 8:00pm

Saturdays: 8:00am to 1:00pm

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Our Mission is to Make Exercising Safe, Practical, and Effective™