The Benefits of our Steadypace® Exercise Sessions

The most effective workout anywhere! And it is only 30 minutes.

Prepare to be amazed how fast you reach your goals!

I have been coming to PracFIT for a little over 10 months now and already the financial benefits are showing up as well as the physical benefits. A recent medical underwriting for my life insurance showed all blood work normal as well as BP and pulse. The savings on my insurance alone will cover my sessions with PracFIT for several months. Awesome work guys! -Jim Barho

"After just 6 months of training, I have not only rehabilitated my injury, I am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been" - David Wilkerson

"Before I started working with you I had spent a year with recurrent injuries and very weak. You quickly got me stronger. Strong enough to care for the baby we adopted. I'm sure without your help, I would have injured myself just taking care of our daughter. Thank you so much." - Sara Jones

At Practical Fitness, we specialize in a unique method of training (Steady-Pace®) which helps people achieve maximum fitness benefits from just one or two 30-minute weekly exercise sessions. By slowing down the pace of the each exercise, we safely raised the intensity to a very high level so that it becomes a stimulus that your body cannot ignore. The adaptation that your body will make due to the stimulus given (synthesizing new muscle and its supporting metabolic changes) is expensive, and takes roughly 4 days to occur. Thirty minutes once or twice a week is actually a requirement for the production of the best results.

Steady-Pace® is the only exercise method that works all your components of health:

- Cardio-Respiratory
- Muscular Strength
- Muscular Endurance
- Flexibility/Joint Health
- Bone Density/Connective Tissue
- Body Composition / Metabolism
- Neurological Health


The Science behind Steadypace® 

Steady-Pace® is an exercise method developed around, and comprised of, research based principles in the areas of "high intensity exercise", "undulating periodization", and "bioenergetics of exercise physiology".


Our Steady-Pace® exercise sessions aim to progressively tax ones physiological subsystems via the active engagement of the neuromuscular system. This process promotes healthier physiologically based functions.


Some of these functions are as follows, but are not limited to: muscular strength, muscular endurance, muscle tone, cardiorespiratory, neuromuscular, bioenergetic, endocrine, and bone/joint strength and flexibility. 


Steady-Pace® is conducted by a trained, certified professional in our specially designed studios in 30-minute, one-on-one, private sessions.


Steady-Pace® is delivered using various modes of resistance such as exercise machines, exercise bands, dumbbells, body weight, medicine balls and others.


Steady-Pace® uses fixed and free functioning, full and partial, ranges of motion (ROM) to deliver an exercise stimuli.